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Is Intercoastal Safaris a good solution for your fundraising efforts? 

Allow our ‘Uniquely Coastal Hunting and Fishing” experiences bring opportunity and create excitement at your next fundraiser. We look forward to speaking with you about how your non-profit can increase funding at no out-of-pocket cost to you.


Intercoastal Safari’s has designed packages specifically suited for fundraising raffles. Non-profits looking for a stress free raffle should consider our services. Simply put, Intercoastal Safaris makes this a hands free solution, for your organization, by making available to you the wright up, promotional poster and (in some cases) actual tickets & manpower. 

Materials We Provide:
Custom Raffle Tickets – (Available  by request)
Promotional Posters – We will send you a package with eye appealing posters to create interest during your fundraising event.
Custom Email Blast – We offer a custom emails with all our offering info. for you to email blast your entire network.
Marketing Support – By leveraging our marketing power we are more than happy to help promote your event. 

Raffle “Uniquely Coastal” hunting & fishing experiences.

Ultimate Inshore Fishing Weekend – Reserve $1500 (Available Spring & Summer)
Ticket Price: $30.oo / Profit of first 100 tickets = $1500
Includes: 2 man, 2 nights lodging, 2 half day inshore fishing trips, 4 total meals
Download Package Info Here

Fisherman’s Choice Raffle – Reserve $1500 (Available Year Round)
Ticket Price: $40.00 / Profit of first 100 tickets = $2,500
Winner may choose any 3 of our 4 person half day fishing trips. 
Includes: License, bait, tackle, & cleaning of Fishing
Download Package Info Here

Fully Catered Offshore Sport Fishing Trip – Reserve $2000 (Available Year Round)
Ticket price: $40.00 / Profit of first 100 tickets = $2000
8 hr offshore fully catered fishing for up to 8 people with complimentary beverages.
Includes: All license, bait, tackle, &  fish cleaning included. 
Download Package Info Here

4 Person K.B.A.R. Fishing Camp – Retail is $6,000 / Reserve $3,000
Ticket price: $100.00 / Profit of first 100 tickets = $7000
Includes: 2 Nights of premium lodging, meals, (2) ½ days of inshore/offshore or bow-fishing.
Download Package Info Here

2 Person Orange Beach Surf & Turf – $ Retail is $3,500 / Reserve $1,750
Ticket price: $100.00 / Profit of First 100 tickets = $8250
Includes: ½ day of inshore fishing &  night of hog hunting with 2 nights of premium lodging and meals
Download Package Info Here

The Trifecta: Retail is $5,000 / Reserve $2,500 GREAT OPTION FOR MULTIPLE WINNERS!
Ticket price: $100 / Profit of first 100 tickets = $7,500
Includes: 4 Person coastal duck hunt / 4 Person half day fishing trip / 4 Person hog hunt
Download Package Info Here

Intercoastal Safaris may provide actual tickets and manpower upon request. Reserves must be met for all donated packages. Intercoastal Safaris will honor all awarded packages up to one calendar year unless other arrangements have been made. Airfare or ground transportation to location and from offering location not included but may be arranged per customer request.


Live Auction Options

Not looking for a raffle but rather and option for your live auction? Call us for reserve pricing on the following options.

Night Vision Hog Hunt (1 Man / Night Vision / Unlimited Hogs)

Fisherman’s Choice (Sportsman’s Choice of 4 Man Inshore / Offshore / Bowfishing)
Download Package Info Here 

Orange Beach Surf and Turf (2 Sportsmen / 1 Inshore or Offshore Trip / 1 Hog Hunt / 2 Nights Lodging and Meals)
Download Package Info Here

Coastal Duck Hunt (4 Man / Hot Breakfast)
Download Package Info Here

Sportsman’s Getaway (1 Ducks Hunts / 1 Fishing Trip / 3 Meals / 1 Night of Lodging)
Download Package Info Here 

Ultimate Inshore Fishing Weekend (2 Inshore Trips / 2 Meals / 2 Nights of Lodging)
Download Package Info Here

The Trifecta (1 Fishing Trip / 1 Duck Hunt / 1 Hog Hunt) 
Download Package Info Here 

Fisherman’s Getaway (1 Fishing Trip / 1 Meals / 1 Night of Lodging) 
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Stephen Lee, Owner/Operator


If you are interested, click here & we will contact you within 24 hrs.