Same Day Shark Fishing and Night Vision Hog Hunting • Intercoastal Safaris • Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach Monster Hunt

Welcome to the Intercoastal Safaris Panama City Monster Hunt! We pursue sharks and wild boar in the Panama City, FL area. On this excellent safari 4 men are given the chance to truly hunt monsters! Our shark fishing happens on a center console boat that launches out of Pirates Cove Marina. This portion of the trip is 1/2 day fishing excursion. We’re targeting bull sharks, black tips, and mako. For sharks, the best time is late spring to late summer.

The hog hunting part of our trip starts with orientation of our semi-auto AR 10’s platform. We’re shooting Panther DPMS Firearms with FLIR thermal night vision scopes and a 20 round clip of .308 165 gr. Full Boar ammo by Hornady. While we do travel to many different fields throughout the night time in such of targets, our hunt begins on the range (45 mins north of Panama City Beach). Your guide will drive you from field to field at which you may see, stalk, and shoot wild boar & coyote once your orientation is complete.

On an average night 3 to 7 hogs is very obtainable. When the hogs are very active 10 to 15 is NOT out of the question. This is an all you can shoot hunt so we’re done when the ammo or hogs runs out! Their are No Trophy Fees on this hunt so aim big! This is very a popular excursion so keep in mind it’s booked on a first come first serve basis. If you want a weekend hunt you must book several weeks if not months in advance. This safari can be split into multiple days based on slot availability.

Boar Hunting

Monster Hunt:
1/2 day Shark Fishing
1/2 day Hog Hunt
2 People = $1400
3 People = $1800


Need a place to stay for the night? Our partners at Panama City Condo Vacations will be more than happy to assist you with your lodging needs. Give them a call at 770-334-3544.