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Hunting & Fishing

Monster Hunt

Saltwater Bowfishing

Our nighttime Bowfishing and Gigging Trips are a blast for adults and kids alike! With bowfishing being one of the fastest growing outdoor sports, our trips book up fast. The fish move around throughout the year, and so do we! Licenses included for both Alabama and Florida waters. 


Various fishermen and women with their catches

Inshore & Nearshore Fishing

The Destin / Panama City Beach FL area has earned it’s reputation for great inshore & offshore fishing by providing a game rich environment year round. Intercoastal Safaris exclusively works with seasoned captains whom are committed to guide anglers of all levels through unforgettable fishing experiences. Our Captains fish almost daily so as the fishing in the area changes we adapt our tactics to put you on fish!



Land based shark fishermen with their catch

Land Based Shark Fishing

The waters of Florida have millions of sharks and we’re on a mission to meet each and every one of them face to face! Join us on the beaches of Perdido Key, FL as we take advantage of the evening bite. Our team of expert anglers meet you and your guests on the beaches as the sun goes down. We promptly gear up and start running our bait out past the sandbar.


duck hunting trip on the coast

Coastal Duck Hunting

Intercostal Safaris is proud to offer a unique waterfowl hunting experience. There will be no breaking ice in swamps or freezing your tail off in some open field on these hunts. No sir, we’re hunting from white sand beaches on Florida’s beautiful Gulf Coast! Redheads, Bluebills & Buffleheads are our main targets however, Canvasbacks, Pintails & Geese of all kinds are known to pop in on occasion.


hog hunting trips

Night Vision Hog/Coyote Hunt

The state of Florida has long been home to tens of thousands of feral hogs. These pigs are devastating farmers’ crops and literally cutting in to their bottom line. The abundance of food supply bordering wetlands provides these pigs the perfect conditions for increasing their numbers at an alarming rate. 


Offshore fishing boats, reels and men holding fish

Destin Florida Offshore Fishing

The Gulf Coast area has earned its reputation for great inshore & offshore fishing by providing a game-rich environment year round. Intercoastal Safaris works exclusively with seasoned captains who are committed to guide anglers of all levels through unforgettable fishing experiences. Our captains fish almost daily, so as the fishing in the area changes, we adapt our tactics to put you on the fish!


Monster Hunt

Saltwater Fishing School

Intercoastal Safaris is proud to announce the Gulf Coast’s only saltwater fishing school! This classroom is located on the waters surrounding Orange Beach and Pensacola. With classes available in both downtown Pensacola and Orange Beach, some of the best inshore/offshore fishing on the Gulf is just a short distance away from our boat launch.




two sharks and one hog

Panama City Beach Monster Hunt

Welcome to the Intercoastal Safaris Panama City Beach Monster Hunt! On this unique safari 3 men are given the opportunity to truly hunt monsters as we pursue both wild boar and sharks in the Panama City, FL area. Our shark fishing takes place on a center console boat that launches out of Pirates Cove Marina. On this is a 1/2 day fishing trip we are targeting bull sharks, black tips, and hammerheads. The best time for catching sharks is late spring to late summer.


People catching fish and holding swordfish

Extreme Swordfishing

Here at Intercoastal Safaris we pride our self on offering “Uniquely Coastal Hunting & Fishing” experiences to our guest. Daytime sword fishing defiantly fits the bill, it’s unlike anything else offered in the Gulf of Mexico. Destin, FL has the perfect combination of weather, ocean currents and sea floor terrain that help it earn the reputation of being “The luckiest little fishing village on earth.”